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Renaissance Industrial Smart City, Bhiwandi

Renaissance Industrial Smart City is MIDC’s First 100% Legal integrated Industrial Park. Strategically located in Bhiwandi-Mumbai, it  is spread across 404 acres, of which Phase 1 comprising 130 acres is already under development.

Renaissance Industrial Smart City is intelligently designed, taking into consideration the Smart City - India way model providing infrastructure and support for smart & efficient manufacturing as well as living. The model consists of 7 layers including Core Product, Facilities Supporting Manufacturing & Living, Services for Smart Manufacturing & Efficient Living, Infra & External Ecosystem, Cluster Specific Common Facility Centers, 6 Components of Smart City and Operation & Maintenance Framework.

Here, established and growing businesses from textile, manufacturing, assembling, food processing and packaging sector and small and medium enterprises stand to benefit from the various subsidies given by Central and State Governments, amounting to 40-60% refund on investment.

  • 1st Layer

  • 2nd Layer

  • 3rd Layer

  • 4th Layer

  • 5th Layer

  • 6th Layer

  • 7th Layer

Types of Properties


Configuration Type Area (Sq. Ft.) Price
PEB Warehouse 40000 to 131000 Click for details
RCC Factory 6667 to 20000 Click for details
Industrial Estate 963 to 2795 Click for details
Built-To-Suit Factories Click for details
Built-To-Suit Warehouse Click for details
Clear title Plots Click for details


  • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms
    • Public Bus Stops
    • Complex Bus Facilities
    • Two wheeler parking lot
    • Taxi Stand
    • Car Parking Lot
    • Cycle parking lot within complex (Cycle on Hire) "Save Fuel"
  • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms
    • Lunch homes
    • Canteen’s
    • Clean Toilet/ Bathing Club
    • Recreation Club
    • Accidental/ Emergency Centre
    • Karaoke/ Music Room
    • Women workers protection & facilitation centre
  • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms
    • Spares Shop
    • Medical Shop
    • Travel Agency
    • Travel Agency
    • Mechanical Shop
    • Workshop
    • Accessories Shop
    • Repair Service Providers
    • Servicing Shop
    • Equipment Shop
    • Packaging service Providers
    • Electrical shop
    • Labelling service
    • Courier Service providers
    • Stationary Shop
  • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms


    • Meeting Rooms
    • Café Area
    • I.T. Area
    • Library
    • Exhibition Halls
    • Banks / ATM’s / NBFC
    • Convention Centre (Multipurpose)
  • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms


    • Truck terminal
    • Dhaba
    • 24hr Grocery Shop
    • Dormitories
    • Vehicle Service/Repair Centre
    • Vehicle Spares Shop
  • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms


    • Transport Agent
    • Tempo Terminal
    • Courier Services
    • Logistic Company Department

Floor Plan

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Renaissance Industrial Smart City

Address: Renaissance Industrial Smart City,,
Kalyan Padgha State Highway 222, Village Vashere, Post Aamne, Taluka Bhiwandi, District Thane- 421 302,
Bhiwandi, Thane - 421302
Contact: 9619224952
Email: disha.vyas@ririndia.com

Our Esteemed Clients

Government Subsidies Close

Subsidies & incentives

Central Government Benefits

Renaissance has arranged for subsidies from:

A. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

  • 15% credit-linked capital subsidy scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises to a maximum to Rs.15 lacs. The maximum limit of eligible loan calculation of subsidy under revised scheme is Rs.100 lacs.

B. Ministry of Food Processing Industry
Scheme for Technology Upgradation / Modernization of Food Processing Industries:

  • 25% of the cost of plant and machinery and technical civil works subject to a maximum of Rs.50 lacs in general areas and 33.33% or upto Rs.75 lacs in difficult regions

C. Ministry of Textile TUF Subsidy

  • 6% Interest Reimbursement and 15% Capital subsidy or 30% Margin money on brand new shuttleless loom for powerloom sector
  • 2% of ineterst reimbursement or 8% Margin Money Subsidy on second hand Shuttleless looms with 10 years vintage and with residual life of minimum 10 years.
  • For 30% MMS – capital ceiling caps of RS. 5 crore and subsidy cap of Rs. 1.5 crore would be adhered to for encouraging adequate investments by the MSME sector.
  • 5% Interest Reimbursement or 15% Margin Money Subsidy for MSME textile Textile and Jute sector subject to ceiling of Rs 75 lacs
  • 5% Interest Reimbursement plus 10% Capital Subsidy for specified Processing, Garmenting & Technical Textile Machinery.
  • For standalone spinning units – 2 % Interest Reimbursement for new standalone / replacement/ modernization of spinning machinery.
  • 5% Interest Reimbursement for units having spinning capacity with forward integration also having matching capacity in weaving / knitting processing / garmenting.

State Government Benefits - Maharashtra Government

Package scheme of incentives (PSI)-2013

A. Industry Promotion Subsidy for MSMEs

  • For new/Expansion projects
  • Subsidy linked to fixed capital investment

B. Interest Subsidy

  • All new eligible Micro, Small and Medium manufacturing Enterprises in areas other than Group A will be eligible for 5% interest subsidy
  • he interest subsidy will be payable only on the interest actually paid to banks and public financial institutions on the term loan for acquisition of fixed capital assets.

C. Exemption from Electricity Duty

  • For New Units in Group C, D, D+ and No Industry District exemption from payment of duties for 15 years
  • In Group A and B areas, 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs), Information Technology Manufacturing Units and Bio-Technology (BT) Manufacturing units exempted from payment of duties for 7 years
  • New Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises will be eligible for power tariff subsidy

D. Waiver of Stamp Duty

  • Up to 31st March 2018 in C, D and D+ talukas and no industry district
  • A and B areas. Stamp duty exemption would be available are as under.
  • BT and IT Units in Public parks: 100%
  • BT and IT Units in Private parks: 75%
  • Mega Projects: 50% for first Conveyance Deed only

E. Other Incentives for Micro, Small and medium Manufacturing Enterprises

  • 5% subsidy on capital equipment for Technology Up-gradation, subject to a maximum of Rs.25 lacs
  • 75% subsidy on expenses incurred on quality certification limited to Rs.1 lac
  • 25% subsidy on capital equipment for cleaner production measures limited to Rs.5 lacs
  • 75% subsidy on patent registration expenses limited to Rs.10 lacs for the national patents & Rs. 20 lacs for the International patents

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

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